Privacy Policy [POView]

    Provided by Pixelpunk Inc., POView is an innovative application designed to enrich and transform screenshots for Apple Vision Pro users, enhancing their sharing capabilities with unparalleled visual experiences. This Privacy Policy outlines the commitment of the POView development team to protect the privacy of our users.


    Privacy at the Core of POView

    At POView, we respect your privacy. Understanding the importance of discretion in the digital age, our application is engineered to process all data locally on your device. No personal data is collected, stored, or transmitted to external servers by POView. Our approach ensures that you maintain complete control over your data.


    Local Data Processing

    POView operates entirely on-device, meaning all functionalities related to screenshot beautification and enhancement occur locally. This approach allows us to offer our services without compromising your privacy:

    • No Data Collection: POView does not collect timestamps, device identifiers, app usage data, or any other form of personal or non-personal information.
    • Local Storage: Any data generated or processed by POView remains on your device. Users have full autonomy over their data, with the ability to manage or delete it at their discretion.
    • User Consent: Since POView does not collect data, there is no need for data consent forms. Your interactions with the app remain private and under your control.

    Commitment to Privacy

    Our commitment to your privacy is unwavering. POView's design philosophy ensures that your experience is not only innovative but also secure. We believe in transparency and user empowerment, which is why our application stands as a testament to privacy-respecting software.


    Policy Updates

    This Privacy Policy may be updated to reflect changes in our practices or service offerings. Any significant changes will be communicated through the application. By continuing to use POView, you acknowledge and accept the terms of the privacy policy as amended.